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Menstrual Awareness Month

Updated: May 21, 2023

For those who don’t know, May was declared the month of Menstrual Awareness and the 28th the day of Menstrual Hygiene (will talk about it in another post). All this so that women and also men can know about our cycle, heal it and know all the available ingredients to collect this blood and honor it.


Menstrual health is a topic that interests us all, not only because we are a woman, but because we all bond in some way with a woman. Menstruation is a physiological act that involves the emotional and psychic system of women, but also affects this act culturally, socially and economically.


The arrival of Patriarchy changed the vision of natural and sacred fact such as our menstrual fluids. We feel the need to break those myths, taboos and beliefs that are still sustained from ignorance, from silence, denial to cyclical changes, intolerance to the exposure of these issues, and above all the traumas generated by the denial of cyclicality, turn into diseases of the uterus.


Many of us have been sowing the seeds of light for years and that is why we come together to give it a voice so that finally cyclicity and menstrual bleeding become natural and sacral again.


There are different ways to honor your cycle: recognize your phases, sow your blood, draw with it, give yourself love, and reconnect with Mother Nature just to name a few…


It is time to honor your feminine self, recognize your cycle, embrace your own hormonal calendar and build your present and future from your own axis, acquiring security and clarity in your goals.


Written by our MaMaitri Mission Expert;

Mariana Halperin

Holistic Therapist, Biomagnetic Specialist,  Moon Mother & Womb Wellness Advocate


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