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Mariana Halperin

Holistic Therapist, Biomagnetic Specialist, Moon Mother & Womb Wellness Advocate

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My Story

Mariana Halperin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very young age she could see, feel and play with other spiritual realms and consciousness. At the age of 13 in her search for answers she began to study Celtic Wisdom and from there her search did not stop, it was only the beginning of many workshops, courses and seminars including Pranic Healing, Chromotherapy, Gem Therapy, Shamanism, Integral Biomagnetism, Reflexology, Feminine Wisdom and several more. She also worked in the beauty area working in her native country in all these areas. Upon arrival in the United States she obtained her state licenses for facialist and body therapist. Today she works as a holistic therapist, facilitator of women's circles, and conducts spiritual readings and different workshops. She is passionate about holding sacred and relaxing spaces for women to find their inner wisdom and feminine divinity, using different modalities for women to feel like the goddesses they are. Mariana is fully committed to supporting you on your personal healing journey to find balance between your body, mind and soul. She also works with men and children.

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