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Time to invest in YOU

Invest in your health, your wellness, your overall being!
Sister, you cannot pour life, love, compassion, kindness, care from an empty glass!
Fill it up with life, love & happiness!

Take care of you & the world around you will flourish with you!! 

Let me help guide you on this sacred journey to;


My tailored guidance

Let me teach you ways to help re-set your mind, release any limiting beliefs, overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, & repetitive negative patterns through inner shadow work, NLP techniques, belief clearing, law of attraction, gratitude, forgiveness & manifestation to help live a more authentic &  empowering life!

Let's incorporate a consistent routine that suits your life best through functional & mindful movement. I specialize in Yoga, Barre & Pilates from Conception to Prenatal, Postnatal, Womanhood & beyond! Correct alignment & conscious exercises with articulate cues & guidance are my forte!

 Let me guide you on your mindfulness journey through breathwork, mindful practices such as guided meditation, mindful eating & holistic food choices, as well as trauma-informed somatics & energetics, peaceful environmental home setting options;  the true essence of the power of now! 

Let's clear your energetic blocks, access your inner most potential through intuitive spiritual guidance and feel a free fluid flow of energy! Without motivation & will there is no longevity! Finding motivation from a compassionate & caring place rather than an ego-centered perspective is truly key to infinite succes!


An abundance of support

Unique Customized Program

Individually Tailored

Our virtual live coaching or educational sessions on ZOOM and On-Demand Customized Series consist of personalized guidance, through a priority list tailored to your individual needs. You can choose a single session or program package of 6, 8 or 12 sessions on a span of 2-6 months working together in various areas in your life that need attention and support.

Payment Plans & Scale 

Each session is set at a standard fixed price of;

* $111 for 60mins

*$75 for 45mins &

*$50 for 30mins

 There are available payment plans as well as a payment scale for those who are currently finding it hard to commit to the standard payment but wish to immerse themselves in their healing, nourishing and thriving journey.

Additional Perks

When you choose to commit to one of our programs you get some additional bonuses;

* Unlimited access to exclusive on-demand video content

* Exclusive access to pdf materials, as well as personalized guidebooks

* 24/7 txt support

* FREE 1 month access to our Sisterhood Membership

* 10% off MaMaitri Shop

* Personal invite to our Mentorship Program


Physical Wellness

  • Mindful Movement & Functional Mobility Regime

  • Nourishing Food Choices  & Functional Meal Planning

  • Supplementation Support

  • Mindful Eating Practices

  • Eating Disorders Support

  • Hormone Health & Menstrual Wellness

  • Sleep Quality & Wellness

  • Overcoming Anxiousness

  • Sustainable Living & Toxin Free Lifestyle with Product Swaps

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle 

  • Nervous System Somatic Reset

  • Vagal Toning


Psychoemotional Wellness

  • Mindset Shift

  • Belief Clearing

  • Trauma-informed Support

  • Inner-Child Healing

  • Breaking Generational Trauma

  • Letting go & Forgiveness 

  • Personal/Family Values & Principles

  • Inner Shadow Work

  • Self-Care & Soothing practices

  • Time Management Skills

  • Organizational Skills

  • Goal Prioritization 

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Small Business Planning

  • Career Support & Management

  • Relationship Reconciliation 


Soul Wellness

  • Dharma Work

  • Spiritual Synthesis

  • Akashic Healing

  • Zen Home Practices

  • Energy Clearing

  • Chakra Therapeutics

  • Kharmic Healing

  • Clarity, Alignment & Fulfillment

  • Dream Analysis

  • Inner Gifts Discovery

  • Soul-Centered Life

  • Birth Chart Analysis

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • HypnoMeditations

  • Money Matters Healing

  • Abundance & Manifestation

Common Covered Topics

Let's begin here...

She unleashed her inner Goddess

and became the woman her soul

knew she could be

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Leaf Pattern Design

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