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Using your Intuition for better decision making

Have you ever found yourself in a tricky situation where you had to rely on your inner gut feeling to make a better decision?? Decision making is such an integral part of our lives. We move from one moment to the next based on the way we perceive the world, interact with it and evaluate future results. Our brain calculates and decipheres pros and cons, and comes up with tangible solutions to a situation. However, this is not always the possible case. When we face a situation outside the mathematical and statistical outcomes, we rely on our intuition for answers.

Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation. It is not magical but rather a hunch, "a gut feeling" arising holistically and like a spark in your mind and heart.

When we have difficulty tapping into our intuition and trusting in ourselves, the “how” of it all can feel overwhelming.

After years of exploring my own intuitive skills and building that strength, I have compiled a list of possible area that needs attention to activate this important internal gift. Once this is built, your decision making process will be working at a higher level!

  1. Build internal trust by connecting with your feelings. Decipher between what you feel, think and act like. Understand why you're feeling what you're feeling. Perhaps even pinpoint the area your feeling that emotion in your body. Journal it out if that resonates with you.

  2. Give yourself permission; connect your body and mind, and find peace rather than overwhelm when exploring possible answers to a problem. Practice a quick self check through equal part breathing, using your 5 senses to connect with your surroundings and a grounding exercise to help connect faster and deeper to your intuition.

  3. Explore through creativity and curiosity your intuition. Observe yourself as you behave and act; are you reacting to the situation or are you responding? Reaction is through emotion, responding is through intuitive and grounded understanding. Use creative means to express yourself through the arts, as well as for self-reflection and discovery. My personal favorites are drawing, singing, writing poetry and moving my body. Once you release your emotions, your mind is more clear to make decisions from an intuitive place. Explore possible answers by asking questions to yourself.

Intuition never fails, but fear, doubt and ego-centered actions do! Don't get confused when you think your intuition has failed you! You were most likely not responding from an intuitive point so, no hard feelings, just try again!!! We all have the ability, capacity and gift to use our intuition to our benefit!!

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