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Lizzie Gonzalez

Intuitive & Inspired Life Mentor, and  Quantum Healer

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My Story

Hey! I am Lizzie. Nice to meet YOU! First things first, I am mom to an amazing daughter. Seriously, she is the most amazing soul I have ever met, and has been main catalyst for my healing and growth journey and has brought such beauty into my life. She has taught me more in the past 12 years than I even thought possible in 1 lifetime. I am also an Intuitive & Inspired Life Mentor. This encompasses so many different facets of life such as: energy/quantum healing modalities, peaceful periods, CBD, non-toxic living, kids breathwork, emotional intelligence and more. On my path I have tried many things, but one thing was always true, I wanted to help others with the tools I have gathered along the way. I want to hold space and empower others while they find their authentic selves and allow their light to shine, because I know what it feels like to have yours dimmed and to lose yourself completely. I am addicted to learning and finding new ways to bring what I have learned, to others. By taking inspired action, I have become the alchemist of my own life, so an Inspired Alchemist. I believe that everyone deserves to live a holistically inspired life full of magic, community and freedom. We are perfectly imperfect and it’s a beautiful thing.

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