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Christina Yarchin

1:1 Clarity Readings and Self-Alignment Coach with a Human Design Accompaniment

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My Story

For most of my life the ability to see and sense and know beyond the readily perceivable felt like the bane of my existence. No matter how truly fun-loving and playful my personality was, if someone spent enough time with me, they would inevitably detect this capacity for ultra-heightened vision - and once detected, the responses would vary from deep intrigue and obsession to strong dislike and total repulsion and everything in between. At some point it became clear to me that this capacity I carried wasn't “about me”, but more of a tool that could be used for good, if well-understood and wielded with deep care and intention. I stopped wishing it would go away and started deeply appreciating and cultivating it - and unsurprisingly, most of my trials and tribulations with this facet of my experience have fallen away, and I have found myself surrounded by a rich and robust network of loved ones who see me away from the extremes of glorification and demonization. I discovered that the information that comes through my channel is only helpful in cases where there is also openness and space for proper integration. In Clarity Sessions, I am bringing this extrasensory perception to the table to address your most pressing questions and then following this up with proper containment, education, and coaching - and this can happen after a Foundation Exploration, a session in which we gather a strong sense of who you truly are and how you are innately wired to function, relate, make decisions, and express. I utilize the Human Design system as a powerful complement to my intuition in Foundation Exploration sessions. To use a simple analogy, if Clarity Sessions are “the medicine”, the Foundation Exploration is the thorough “intake process”. Gone are the days of being “dazzled and dazed by psychic abilities” - Clarity & Self-Alignment work is here as a powerful support tool for aligning with one’s essence and actualizing one’s true potential. My current format allows clients to customize their own process (must start with a Foundation Exploration, but can then select any number of Clarity Sessions at any duration) or engage in a 90-day process I have structured based on the results I have observed. Sessions can be booked individually or in packages (for savings). If you are new to and interested in the work and want to connect before scheduling your Foundation Exploration, Welcome! I am available by email and text to say hello and address any questions you might have! You are the only you there is and were born to live out your unique potential. Visit

for more information and to see what's possible when you step into the truth of your nature.


Personal Background:

I grew up in Miami, Florida and navigated the highs and lows of my childhood supported by a mother and father deeply committed to creating an environment in which my emotional intelligence and self-awareness could flourish. I met my husband and life partner while studying at the University of Florida and we became parents to our first son at the ages of 22 and 23. Through this experience and many others, we’ve discovered that both understanding and embracing personal potential along with developing the capacity to approach hard things in life as opportunities for meaningful transformation, emotional expansion, and forward movement, are keys to experiencing inconceivable joy, peace, purpose, and success in a human body. We have since been joined by two more amazing sons and currently live all together in Central Texas surrounded by an incredible support network of dear family and friends. Through a few careful, compassionate, intuitive, and practical methods I have developed and experimented with over the years, I help people identify and alchemize what is restricting their abundance and fulfillment, and gradually and intentionally align with their true self potential. My innate extrasensory abilities have been most expanded through the experiences of deliberately birthing and parenting our children, and rounded out by the development of extensive education and training in a variety of common and less common healing arts and disciplines. I also speak, write, and sing and feel honored to use my voice in creative and healing ways.


Areas of extensive education & training:

*Prevention, detection, and handling of acute injuries and emergency situations

*Addiction science

*Human psychology, attachment, learning, and development

*Physiologic labor and childbirth

*Extrasensory development

*Integrative health sciences

*Energy medicine

*The Wheel of Consent model of relating Relationship Polarity

*Celtic shamanism

*Firearms & self-defense

*Human Design

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