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Christie Palermo

Wellness Coach specializing in Gut Health & Healthy Habits

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My Story

Hi, I'm super pumped to connect with you! I'm Christie Palermo, a Health Coach, mom of 3, personal trainer, and former dancer and Circus Artist. Everything in my life has revolved around how the body moves and what makes it work best. I approach things from the inside-out now and fine tune what you put in and on your body with the MIND. BODY. SKIN CONNECTION. My passion these days is to help you feel your best so that you are showing up the way you are meant to in the world. I coach healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle around food that get your body working optimally, and getting into gut health to attack the root of many illnesses and ailments. I also love to introduce a non-toxic lifestyle with products that you are using daily that can make a huge difference in your health. Let's chat about the best fit for you so that you are increasing energy and mental clarity, reducing bloat, sleeping better and having your skin look and feel its best. This is all about YOU and a lifestyle that will help you feel confident and successful!

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