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Evita Varela

Full Spectrum Doula and Childbirth Educator. Biologist & Neuroscientist 

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My Story

Hello, I'm Evita, your multilingual, globetrotting doula! I've been a curious and compassionate being since childhood. This spirit has led me to many corners of this world, to seek and find knowledge in diverse fields and to meet and deeply connect with people from all walks of life. Having studied Biology in my homeland, Greece and Neuroscience in Switzerland, I worked as a researcher in four different laboratories in two continents for almost ten years before finding my true calling in the perinatal space. The birth of my daughter, Zoé in 2019 marked a rebirth for me. It was an opening to the depths of our internal world, our power as women and our potential for igniting transformation in us and in others. Peeling off the layers of my conditioning as a good and silent girl, I am now fully grounded in my truth and I guide families during pregnancy, birth and beyond in advocating for their true needs and in experiencing this rite of passage in a self-respectful, liberating way. I have battled with PCOS, infertility, pregnancy loss and amenorrhea and I have the tools and sensitivity to accompany families through these vulnerable periods. I am incredibly happy for being a part of the MaMaitri mission together with other women who care deeply for healing, progress and liberation.



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