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Cynthia Mendez Tamayo

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, specializing in Maternal Health, EMDR & Human Design

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My Story

Where It All Began…

It was time to choose a major and I had it all figured out. Biology it is! I started my college journey at the University of Miami and was soon derailed from my biology career when I was not satisfied with the grade, I received in my first Biology class. I panicked and quickly jumped ship into the depths of the unknown. This was my very first experience with following what I call the “breadcrumbs” which would inevitably lead me to my life’s purpose. I started to take interest in Psychology courses, feeling drawn towards understanding the human experience on a deeper more meaningful level.

My Path Actually Began to Unfold Way Before I Arrived at College…

In hindsight I realize that following these breadcrumbs is my intuition in action, it also marked the beginning of my journey towards healing wounds that I had not even realized were there. We all have our own traumas and there’s beauty in also having the humility and courage to welcome and overcome them. My graduate studies in counseling were the beginning of a career, but—most importantly—of a healing process that would lead me to be whole again.

A Little More About My Story…

When I was a teenager, my parents divorced. I was the only one of my friends with a “broken” home during a season in which I was supposed to be forming my identity and self-esteem. The questions “Who am I?” and “How do I feel about all of this?” were informed by the life event that came to inspire my career and life purpose: serving individuals and families who want to be better and align with the best version of themselves, intentionally creating a life of authenticity.

My parents did the best they could but there were many shortcomings and lessons to be learned. They never figured out how to establish a cordial relationship post-divorce. In fact, I did not fully grasp the magnitude of their disharmony until many years later, when they had their first cordial conversation in over 20 years, 6 months prior to my mother’s passing. Yes, 2 decades— years during which I had three graduations, 20 birthdays, a wedding, the birth of my 2 kids, and countless other significant life events that both of my parents were unable to witness and enjoy at the same time.

My Healing Became My Life’s Purpose…

I began a journey of healing and learning, identifying ways to address unhealed wounds and decondition patterns of behavior that had persisted for many generations. Through this journey I was able to peel back the layers of learned responses and ways of being that were a result of many life experiences. I realized that my life experiences up to that point were not MY story and that I was not doomed to be broken because of them. Significant life events and transitions can create a loss of identity or a shift in the story of our life up to that moment. Being thrown into the depths of transformation can come in the form of both painful and joyful life experiences. Each offering us an opportunity to dive deeper into an exploration of who we truly are and making decisions that are aligned with the reality we desire to create.

My Gift to the World…

The best gift that I can offer my clients, and now my family, is to guide them as they explore the depths of who they are and make decisions that are aligned. Over the past several decades so many shifts have occurred for both men and women in relation to work and family life. This has resulted in so many individuals, partnerships and family systems feeling out of balance which sometimes manifest as an increase in emotional distress, conflict, and disconnection. The best way to avoid creating a life influenced by conditioning, expectation, and the wants/needs of others is to become aware of your desires and goals for your family. From this place of awareness, you can learn the tools that will allow you to intentionally co-create a desired experience in collaboration with your partner and children. I facilitate this using my Thriving Families Coaching Model which assesses and supports you through four areas of your family experience (the wellbeing of the mother, partnership, home logistics and parenting). It is my deepest desire that you allow me to support you in overcoming the challenges that will enable you to experience feelings of joy and acceptance, as you work towards creating a family dynamic that better serves you and every individual within your family system.

My work is truly my passion alongside supporting my husband and raising our son and daughter with the intention of authenticity and truly seeing them for who they are. I still love nature and to be honest, Biology is still a close runner up when it comes to my passions. I fulfill this love by spending as much time outdoors as I can. I love to garden and find immense joy in the idea of one day having a large piece of land to explore to my heart’s content.


Education & Training:

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Training in Maternal Mental Health

  • Training in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

  • Trained in the Soul Reading Method (Energy & Intuition training)

  • Trained in Human Design

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